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Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a process designed to assist people in the process of divorce to voluntarily resolve their disputes.

Mediation assists spouses develop their parenting plans, as well as resolve financial issues. Its a voluntary process where parties are in control of their divorce with the goal of a peaceful outcome.

Mediation helps avoid the destructive, expensive, and lengthy legal process. Mediation can take place either before or after a divorce complaint is filed.

A successful mediation takes weeks, not years that it typically takes battling in litigation.

Divorce Consultation

As a divorce consultant, I use my experience and vision to streamline the divorce process and significantly reduce attorney’s fees and overall divorce costs.

I explore and educate you on the practical implications of the legal, financial, and emotional issues involved.

I prepare my clients for each visit with their divorce attorney and/or financial advisor, by empowering you with knowledge and specific questions to ask.

As a consultant, I refer my clients to the most successful attorneys, financial advisors, therapists, and career coaches that I know.

Overall, I help to simplify and demystify the legal process saving you time, money, and heartache.

Divorce Coach

My goal is to support each client in achieving a result that is favorable and fair and the product of a settlement process that hopefully does not involve litigation.

My role typically is an adjunct to the divorce attorney, and as such I work with clients to facilitate a private settlement, mediation, and avoid litigation. The nature of divorce is usually not congenial and one needs an advocate; each party’s voice has to stay strong in the process. It is when the equilibrium of power is skewed that feelings of desperation seep in on one side or the other and injustice is the by-product.

My approach is holistic and designed to protectively and wisely guide my clients to a just outcome in the shortest amount of time while saving a substantial amount of money.

My Story

Stephen K. Hitner

Divorce Mediator, Consultant, Coach

My name is Stephen Hitner and I was divorced in 1999.

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars from 1996 till 2009 in the litigation process, I set out to change the Alimony Laws in Massachusetts. Guidelines and structure were needed so that no one would go thru the experience that I had. My divorce experience was so awful that I was featured in Boston Magazine.

It took me almost 8 years and on September 26, 2011, the Alimony Reform Act of 2011, was signed into law by Gov. Deval Patrick. After going through the process of changing the law, I realized the need in our community for a professional who can provide strategic and practical consulting to people transitioning through a divorce.

Please note: I am not, nor have been, a practicing attorney.

"Your words of wisdom certainly paid off last month as we had reached an agreement to terminate my alimony payments before the pre-trial conference.    Again, thank you ever so much for your advice and support."

- J.B.

Quick. Affordable. Confidential. Flexible. Educational.

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Common Questions

Is it best to hire my own lawyer, a joint mediator or a collaborative lawyer?

As a former victim of the process, I understand that this decision can be agonizing. For a non-lawyer without guidance, it can feel almost impossible to sort out. This decision can ultimately determine the outcome of your divorce. I can help you make this decision, refer you to the best-qualified professional for your needs and save you money by preparing you.

Should I enlist the help of a therapist?

During this difficult time you may want emotional support for yourself and/or your children. You may also wish to explore the possibility of saving your relationship. I will provide you with hand-selected referrals to the best therapists and marital counselors available.

How do I prepare myself financially, and what type of financial specialist will best suit my unique needs?

Your goal is to preserve your assets pre- and post- divorce. Determining whether you need a financial planner, an investment advisor or an accountant can be a daunting task, and finding the appropriate professional can be even more difficult. I can guide you through this maze and help you select from the best experts in the business to guarantee your assets are protected.

How can I cope with this overwhelming change?

If divorce is inevitable, you will unquestionably face change. Life coaches and professionals exist who can help ensure that the impact of these changes is positive. I will help you find an appropriate life coach or other specialist to guide you through this transition.

"Thank you for the help you gave me in negotiating the end of my life time alimony payments. Your wise words helped me to get over my knee jerk reaction against a one time payment to see the benefits of being financially separated from my ex forever.

I highly recommend Steve to anyone getting a divorce or in my case putting an end to lifetime alimony!"

- T.S.

Divorce Corp The Movie

Steve was featured in the hit film Divorce Corp released in 2014, a documentary narrated by Dr. Drew Pinsky which highlights the inner workings of the $50 Billon a year U.S. family law industry and the wasteful practices seen in family courts across the country.

Quick. Affordable. Confidential. Flexible. Educational.

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