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Business Mediation is a process  designed to assist people in BUSINESS the opportunity to voluntarily resolve Business disputes.


  1.   We meet in a comfortable setting to see if there is “Chemistry”       between the PARTIES and myself, the MEDIATOR.
  2.   When WE decide to go forward, WE complete “An Agreement to   Mediate”
  3.   The Parties educate ME as to any and all issues to be resolved.
  4.   We get agreement on all issues.
  5.   I Draft a “Memorandum of Understanding”
  6.   You have an Attorney review the MOU and turn it into a  “Business Agreement”.  If you do not have an attorney, I can    recommend one for you.
  7.   I will provide you with the additional Court Forms, if necessary, to    give to the Court.
  8.   You fill out the forms.
  9.   You turn the forms into the Court of  Jurisdiction.
  10.   The Court will assign a date and time for a hearing.
  11.   A Judge approves your Agreement.


• Mediation assists parties in a Business Dispute to develop a plan on how  to resolve financial issues.

• What emerges from successful mediation is a plan that is formulated by YOU, the parties – and not imposed upon you by a court.

• It is a process that is entirely voluntarily where the YOU are in control  with the goal of a peaceful outcome.

• One of the benefits of mediation is the avoidance of a far more destructive, expensive and lengthy process – a lawsuit.

• Mediation can take place before a lawsuit or complaint is filed, or after a filing.

• If the mediation is successful, the dispute can usually be finalized within a matter of weeks, not the years it can frequently take to have the case resolved in court.

• Courts  suggest mediation in an effort to avoid the time and expense of litigation.