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September 23, 2016

I just reached a settlement thanks in large part to Steve Hitner. He provided me with good counseling and sound advice. Steve’s professionalism, not only in his knowledge of the Massachusetts courts and laws but also in the way he respects you.

I had been paying Alimony for 20 years with no end in sight. He guided me through good times and bad. He put me in touch with a great attorney and kept in touch with both of us.

My nightmare is over. Steve is the one to see to help end yours. Good Luck


August 24, 2016

Hi Steve,

A quick update.  A year ago I suggested a lump sum payout to my ex and eventuality worked.  Thanks so much for your guidance and all your fantastic work for reform.  It is changing lives, not the least of which is mine.


B.P. Massachusetts


March 17, 2016

It’s Over.  Settled Today!!

You helped to settle this!!!!


soo much.

T.H.  Utah


March 10, 2016

Steve Hitner was an absolute Godsend! He armed me with a wealth of knowledge and advice to help me in my divorce case which might involve unjust spousal support! Keep doing what you do Steve, your work is invaluable and life-changing!

L.M.  California


November 22, 2015

Dear Steve,

I am extremely grateful for your “on target” advice regarding my recent efforts to terminate alimony. Your knowledge and ability to grasp the entire “world” of divorce helped me to stay on track, and achieve a meaningful and permanent closure of a painful process that can go on interminably. Without your input, I am certain that I would have spent countless hours fighting in court and wasting money and energy in the wrong directions. It is, unfortunately, not common for one’s attorney to accurately read the most sensible path and guide their client there. This is what I received from you, and it allowed me to guide my attorney towards a reasonable outcome. I can’t thank you enough. I also appreciate that you cared about my situation, and understood my position well.




Dear Steve,

In August 2011 I met with you at your office for a consultation regarding my desire to terminate my alimony requirements under the new state law which became effective in March 2013.

At that meeting, along with my girlfriend present, you suggested I negotiate with my former wife for an agreement and go into court with an agreement as opposed to having a trial. Your words of wisdom certainly paid off last month as we had reached an agreement to terminate my alimony payments before the pre-trial conference.

Again, thank you ever so much for your advice and support.




Dear Steve,

It is with the highest respect that I consulted you once again on the personal matter of my own divorce proceedings regarding modification of alimony.

As a disabled person, I have received nothing but good advice, fair judgment, and complete respect in dealing with yourself.

Obviously, my decision to go right to the person who wanted the latest law on divorce and alimony instituted has been a positive decision.

I have even been impressed, that another good friend with a disability when I recommended she get a second opinion from you to compare one received from an attorney, you were prompt and correct in your response on her matter.  I appreciated your effort, as did she.

I had used a divorce mediator in the past, in 2004, and she will remain anonymous, but with all her accolades and a law degree, she did not impress upon me at all and did not show the wisdom you have shown to myself.

In fact, your service is more personalized than the status quo one always seems to receive from lawyers. No matter how they appear to be in your court, the game is all about “winning”, and I feel with mediation, it is all about being civil and getting peace with the tools of facts and truths-much more humane.

Again, I would highly recommend your services, for I believe one always looks at the gain and loss of the matter for those that represent us.  I firmly believe that a mediator is more “god-like” than a lawyer ever could be.

Sincerely yours,

Robin T. M.


Hi Steve,
I thought I would write to thank you for the help you gave me in negotiating the end of my lifetime alimony payments.  Your wise words helped me to get over my knee-jerk reaction against a one-time payment to see the benefits of being financially separated from my ex forever.
I highly recommend Steve to anyone getting a divorce or in my case putting an end to lifetime alimony!




Steve –  I have been negotiating with XXXX on my own and it looks like we have reached a handshake agreement on an alimony buyout. I am extremely happy with this as I will be able to pay her off and rebuild, without any further obligation to her. Knowing that I will not have to keep producing into my 70s and 80s and beyond gives me tremendous peace of mind.  You don’t know how much you helped me during my visit.

Thanks so much my friend.



I  can’t believe it.  It is the first time in my life that someone has not owned a piece of me.

Much will change in terms of how I think.  That presence which influenced all of my living decisions is now gone.

Steve,  Thank you!!


IT’S A WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





We first met in the summer of 2012. I couldn’t afford a lawyer and didn’t know the first thing about what was going to happen in court and what to expect. My husband at the time did hire a lawyer and I felt so lost and confused. You sat me down in your conference room and listened to me and told me that it was all going to be just fine. You would help me through the process with the guidance from an Attorney who would be willing to give me free legal advice.
Thank you for building my confidence and guiding me through this entire process and making me feel that it’s all going to be okay. Not all ‘recipients’ (ex-wives) suck their ex-husband dry. I know there are plenty out there that do that but I am not one of them.  I am moving on and one day I won’t need his alimony but for now, it’s a necessity. I am doing the very best job that I can do to pay my son’s college loan who is in the military and this loan is in my name. I could’ve made my ex-husband pay for half as it was marital debt but I didn’t because he paid for 90% of our son’s college education and I thought it was only fair that I pay this loan off myself. I am struggling and I need his alimony to help me pay my rent.


Donna C