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Required Forms for a No-Fault Massachusetts Divorce

There are many forms required for an  uncontested divorce in Massachusetts.  By clicking on the link below you will be brought to the Ma.gov page which includes all the forms necessary with instructions on how to fill them out.  Some will need to be signed before a notary, and some will just need signatures.  If you have any questions, I suggest you seek the guidance of an experienced Family Law Attorney or an experienced Family Law Mediator.

Click on this link to access the Required Forms.

If the reason you are searching for a form is because you are doing the divorce “Pro Se”, I suggest you use a Divorce Coach like myself to educate you about the process.  Many people cannot afford an experienced Family Law Attorney and choose to represent themselves.  If you are a Pro Se Litigant, not knowing the process of how the Family Courts work can be disastrous.  A simple thing like not filing a form at the right time, or omitting a date, or even an innocent typo can cost you years of financial difficulty.  If you go Pro Se, do it educated and do not do it alone.