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Steve Hitner - Divorce MediatorSince the enactment of the Alimony Reform Act of 2011 many people with existing agreements and or modifiable Judgments have the ability to file for a modification to terminate, reduce or suspend their alimony obligation.  There are three ways to approach the situation.

1.  You can file a complaint with or without a lawyer.  This will immediatly begin the adversarial litigation process.  It will likely bring about discovery, polarization of family members and expensive litigation costs.

2.  You can ask your ex- spouse to participate in a mediation.

3.  You can communicate with your ex-spouse explaining the changes brought about in the Alimony Reform Act and offer a negotiated settlement.

If you choose  LITIGATION, I suggest, in most cases that you retain an experienced family lawyer.  I can help you to find the lawyer in your area that will best suit your needs.  Litigation is not a simple process and you must prepare and have a plan.  I specialize in helping people prepare, plan and advocate for themselves to insure the most cost effective legal expense.

If you chose to MEDIATE as an experienced Mediator, I make sure that both parties come away from the table with the best and fairest possible outcome.

“My philosophy is that the receiving spouse wants security, and the payor wants finality.”

Somewhere in the middle is a deal.  This is a deal not decided by a third party.  It is a deal made as an independent contract between both parties allowing for a soft landing to the receiver, and finality for both.

If you chose a NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT, this the most cost effective way to go.  I help you write a letter to your ex-spouse offering a negotiated setttlement.  Usually the settlement includes a One Time Lump Sum Tax Free payment terminating the alimony obligation.  This method requires almost no legal fees, and both parties are able to finalize their divorce in a harmoneous manner.

“The last thing you want is to have a Judge decide your fate!”

Call me to discuss your options.

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