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When faced with an adversarial divorce, most people have no idea on what to do, how to proceed, or how to retain the best Legal Representation.  I have a network of Experienced Family Law Attorneys.   I will  match you up with an Attorney and then monitor your progress and your Attorney/Client relationship to get you your best possible outcome.

You will learn the following:

How to interview a Family Law Attorney.

What information an Attorney will need to evaluate your situation.

What back  up information you will need.

How the Family Court System works.

How to behave in court.

Attorneys are well trained in providing legal advice and representing their clients. A competent Attorney is an expert in navigating the complicated system and presenting legal arguments in court.

Most attorneys do NOT help you with the personal issues that interfere with people’s functioning while going thru your most difficult time in your life.

Your Attorney is concerned with your legal issues, a Divorce Coach is concerned with how these legal issues will impact your ability to separate→ your legal issues from your personal issues.

I am a victim of the divorce process who understands your frustrations and your need to have someone on your side to keep you focused on what is important in your life, your divorce, and your future.  As a Divorce Coach, I will help you  work more effectively with your attorney saving you much stress and money.

Mediation v Litigation

Mediation is your best option, however, if litigation is your only option you need me to keep you strong and focused on the things in your life that matter.


As a Divorce Coach, I have been very successful in coaching people in divorce to the ultimate goal of a NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT.

  The last thing you want to do is go before a Judge.

  A Judge can only rule by the law.  Most Judges do not have the time to get to know you, your children, or the circumstances that let up to your divorce.  As a Mediator I help both parties to divorce negotiate a settlement.  As a  Coach, I assist YOU the client in the negotiation process so that it is YOU doing the negotiation, not a stranger in a Black Robe making a Life Long Decision.

My Divorce Coaching services compliment, but DO NOT REPLACE the services of attorneys. I am not an attorney and I do not practice law. I will educate you and provide you with the information to allow you a more productive and cost effective experience if litigation is your only option.