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Keeping you in control of your divorce      ~ Stephen K. Hitner

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US Divorce Mediation and Consulting
13 Roths Cove Rd
Hamlin, NY 14464


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John A. Fiske
Dear Steve: Your website is comprehensive and contains a lot of helpful information. The testimonials introduce or reinforce the tone of optimism that exudes from your website, which has to be a comfort to people looking for help during their divorce. It also gives equal status to your role as a divorce counselor, which takes advantage of your unique experience in dealing with alimony questions from any viewpoint. It is fascinating that your experience with alimony reform led you to move into mediation and leave behind your business. You could add a paragraph to your biography that explains this step, which also ties together mediation and alimony reform on your website. Keep It Up, John
Steve Hitner
Hi Rhonda, With no minors (unemancipated) children involved, Mediation is a great option. Please call me to discuss 508-335-0069
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